Play Acey Deucey Online For Real Money!

Also known as 'Sheets' and 'In Between', this game is much more fun than a regular card game and also allows you the opportunity to win much more. The basic principles that govern Acey Deucey are that every player will be dealt two cards. The player will then bet on whether the next card will fall anywhere in value between the ones already presented. If the value falls numerically between the two, the player will win. This extremely fun game can be played between 2 -10 players and can turn into quite the activity in no time, where you can win some real money.

What you need

To play this game, all you need are the players and a standard 52 card deck. A surface to hold the cards is also preferable. If you want to Play Acey Deucey Online, you will simply need access to a computer and a working internet connection.


Before you start playing, each payer is allowed a stack of chips which will be used to indicate bets. The first dealer in the game will be selected by distributing cards around the table. The one with the highest value will become the dealer. Once the first dealer has been decided the position will then be shifted to the player on the left as each round progresses.

The Ante

The pool is formed when each player contributes a single poker chip.


The dealer is selected through the process described above but doesn't have to do all the shuffling himself. The players can shuffle the card but the dealer is the one who should do the final shuffle. After the shuffle is completed, he will ask the player to his right to cut the deck.


Cards are dealt to watch player one at a time. To start off the game, the dealer will begin by dealing to the player on his left and so on. 2 cards are dealt to the player, face up. The player can then choose to either play or pass. This is when they will be asked to bet on the numerical value.

The best cards you can get are the Ace and Two as per the name of the game. If the cards are consecutive and have no numerical value in between, the dealer will deal out two more cards.

There is no definite moment of ending the game and can be ended whenever the players feel like stopping.

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