Learn to Play the Bank Card Game Online or In Person

If you are looking for something new and exciting to pass the time, then you can check out a specialty offering found in some casinos that is known as the Bank card game. It is played against the computer with both you and the AI starting with a standard deck of 52 cards. Four cards are placed vertically on the table. There are two rows called houses with the space between known as the "foundation" piles. Each contender puts 12 in a pile face down and the 13th is placed up on top, allowing each opponent to have a total of 13. The objective is to play all of the cards so that you have none left and run out before the computer.

Getting rid of your stack requires that you build upon the foundation by adding cards of the same suit in ascending order. Thus, if you see an Ace of Diamonds, you will add the Two, then the Three, and so on. You can also add upon the houses by adding those of alternating color in descending order. So, if you see a Queen of Spades, you can add the Jack of Hearts or Diamonds, then the 10 of Spades or Clubs, and so on. There is also a reserve pile that can be built by adding card of the same suit in ascending or descending order. With each turn, the opponents can play as many as they can - or as many as they would like, according to a strategy. You will do this by taking cards from your reserve and placing it up if it doesn't match and then adding them to the waste pile. The only real stopper is when you forget to add to the foundation; then, your opponent can immediately end your turn if this is caught.

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