Score higher than the dealer with these blackjack rules

In blackjack, the ultimate objective is to get a score closest to 21 without going beyond. All players give their bet before the start of the game. According to blackjack rules, the card's value is determined by its number, while face cards have a value of 10 points each. Depending on which can be most beneficial to him, a player can choose the value for his aces at either 1 or 11. For example, a deck of with a 6 and an ace can be 7 or 17.

Usually, every player is dealt with a single card one after the other. Whether these cards will face up or down depends on the casino. Blackjack rules dictate that no player is allowed to touch the cards if it faces up. When the cards face down, players can only touch it with a single hand.

After the two first cards are dealt, the dealer will ask the first player on his right or left if he or she would want an additional card. If the player wishes so, he or she taps the table and says "hit me." Alternately, he says "stand" if he no longer wants another card. There is no limit as to how many cards a player can ask for in order to reach 21. If the card's total goes beyond 21, the player's bet will be lost to the dealer.

If the player refuses to ask for another card, he or she will no longer have a chance to have additional cards. After all the players had been given the chance to ask for additional cards, the dealer will check his cards. He must take more cards until he reaches or goes beyond 21. Unlike the players, the dealer always counts his ace as an 11 except when it would cause him to go beyond 21.

Hands that have an ace can have a hard or soft score. If the ace can be valued at 1 or 11, it is called a soft score. Hard scores are for hands which the ace can only be valued at 1, like hands with 8, 5 and an ace.

At this time in the game, blackjack rules would require the comparison of the scores of the players and the dealer. Any player that scores higher than the dealer will earn the same amount he has wagered, while those players that scored lower than the dealer will lose their bet.

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